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Supps101.com is the beginning of a new style of supplements review website. Every other website out on the web is so monolithic in its design it just drive people away. Most cater to just one segment of the training world be it bodybuilding, powerlifting, or some other training discipline. They try to add some rudimentary pieces later on to make them selves seem like they cater to all aspects of training, don’t be fooled! Just look at the name on their URL’s. Their names tell you the whole story. Supps101.com is totally different, we began by writing small post about the supplement industry and how some of the stuff being made isn’t exactly whats on the label. We called out phony reviews back in 2008 when everybody was doing it and getting away with pushing BS supplements. If we report something is Crap be for sure it is CRAP. We say what we mean and mean every word we say. We don’t BS our reviews because like everyone who trains hard, no one here likes to waste their hard earned money on garbage.

We here at Supps101.com have a commitment and a love for sports, be it bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting or just plain training. We thank you for your visit to our little corner of the internet.

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